Dual heart surgeries in Delhi hospital

A 77-year-old woman suffering from heart disease with a damaged valve underwent a keyhole valve replacement surgery along with stent implantation surgery, to open up a blocked artery.

Doctors at Max Hospital, Saket, who conducted the procedure on Indira Narayan, 77, claimed that this was the first reported case of hybrid procedure involving both stenting and key-hole valve replacement.

"She was admitted in our hospital due to heart failure because of a damaged valve. She was treated with drugs initially and then advised a mitral valve replacement," said Dr Viveka Kumar, director, Cath Lab at Max Heart and Vascular Institute, Saket. He conducted the procedure along with Dr Rajneesh Malhotra. [...]

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Iraqi national finds cure for heart ailment in rare operation

An Iraqi national with a dwarf-like condition successfully underwent heart surgery at a city hospital in what the doctors claimed is a rare instance of its kind.

Doctors said that the 46-year-old Hussein Ali Radhi suffers from Achondroplasia, a genetic disorder which he acquired due to his mother's excessive consumption of chewing gum during her pregnancy. [...]

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